Catalogue n° 24 has been published in or before 1908 (probably 1908 : it was received by McGill University, Montreal during this year).

A Catalogue of rare books, printed in the XV., XVI. and XVII. Centuries, not to be found in the British Museum
London, 1908 ?
116p. 22cm.
Wilfrid M. Voynich, n° 24
68, Shaftesbury Avenue, Piccadilly Circus, London, W.

The notice announces :

"All the books described in this catalogue were printed before the year 1700, and almost all possess either literary, historical or artistic interest. Some are of great importance, some again are " monuments of early printing'', or contain fine specimens of early wood engraving.
The fact of a book being absent from the British Museum does not necessarily prove it to be rare ; as, notwithstanding the enormous size of this greatest of Libraries, many books, both common and important, are still lacking there. For this list, however, I have chosen books of some rarity, and of the five hundred and twenty numbers seventeen only are in any way imperfect.
I take this opportunity te express to Mr. R. Rye, Librarian of the London University, and Mr. A. Peddie, Librarian of St. Bride's Institute, my thanks for their help in compiling this catalogue.

I am pleased to be able to inform librarians, students and collectors that I have lately obtained control of the well known house, Libreria Franceschini, Palazzo Borghese, Via Ghibellina 110, Florence, which will in future be carried on in connection with my London business. I am now disposing of the stock of over half a million books and pamphlets, dealing with nearly every subject, collected by their previous owner during the last 55 years. Special lists of these books, each dealing with a separate subject, will shortly be published. Collectors wishing to receive these lists as they appear are requested to write to my London address, specifying the subject in which they are interested, as only a limited number of copies will be printed. "

The quantity of books owned by Voynich seems huge, and his business ability too.



Some details collected on other catalogues :

- Catalogue 1 : early list of books offered by Voynich in brief partnership with Mr. Edgell, from his first address in Chelsea, 1897-1898 (Source : H. Garland).

- Catalogues 1 to 6 in one volume (in which catalogue 1 is a second edition) : published in 1902. The publication of these catalogues spreads between 1889 ? and 1901 (ref. : cover note of the Library of Sir William Osler, Bart. Oxford).

- Volume 5 : published on September 1901; Volume 6 on November 1901 (Source : Dana Scott).

- Volumes 8 and 9 : published in 1902 (ref.:Washtonbooks, and Garland, quoted by Dana Scott).

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