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The Voynich MS - Internet resources and references

For the bibliography and references used at this site, see below.

Internet resources

It is near impossible to maintain an up to date list of internet resources about the Voynich MS. I welcome information about missing or broken links in order to keep this up to date.

The Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library of Yale University

The first and foremost resource is that of the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library of Yale University:

The library has announced the appearance of an affordable photo facsimile with accompaying essays about the MS in 2016 or 2017 (1).

In addition, an expensive, hand-made replica of the Voynich MS on parchment has been commissioned to the spanish company Siloé, who are experts in the reproduction of old manuscripts. Just under 1000 numbered copies will be offered for sale. The price (whether in US $ or Euros) may well be a number with five digits.

Discussion boards

These are the active ones, in chronological order of their starting date:


I present the following links in order to provide access to different opinions about the MS (2).


The >>Voynich MS entry in the general English Wikipedia is being steadily improved.

The equivalent >>Voynich MS entry in the general German Wikipedia appears to be more up to date.

There is an interesting >>German language Voynich MS wiki

There is a >>Wiki book dedicated to the Voynich MS which currently still requires a lot of work.

Herb identification

Attempts to identify the herbs in the Voynich MS has always been a topic of special interest, which is witnessed by the number of dedicated sites:

Other sites with general information

There are innumerable web sites that copy or reformulate information about the Voynich MS available elsewhere. I don't consider it either possible or interesting to attempt to list them all here. The web sites below all have some original content.

Jim Gillogly's original FTP site is probably the earliest site dedicated to the Voynich MS, with some files of historic interest. This link has disappeared long ago, but Jorge Stolfi has provided a >> mirror site.

>> Jim Reeds' site (mirror by Jorge Stolfi) has the most complete bibliography, and further essential general information about the MS.

>> Jorge Stolfi's site presents his analysis results. Included among these are some of the most important, if not ground-breaking analyses of the Voynich MS text. He also makes available all scripts used in these. Furthermore he has another list of links to on-line Voynich MS material.

The most convenient way of browsing the Voynich MS is by using a >>tool developed by Jason Davies called the Voynich MS Voyager.

A >>Voynich Query Processor (>> alternative address) by someone known as "Job" looks like a very promising development.

I would also like to recommend this >>text extraction tool by E.Schwerdtfeger.

The >> site of Philip Neal, with a vast amount of reference material for the history of the Voynich MS, which I am referring to very extensively.

>> Rafal T. Prinke's Voynich MS pages with emphasis on the history of the MS during the reign of Rudolf II of Bohemia and a rebuttal of the suggestion that Dee had anything to do with the MS. Also includes biographical information about Wilfrid and Ethel Voynich.

Edith Sherwood presents several of her theories in well-presented web pages, for example:

This >> wiki at the Universite of Adelaide presents a very interesting statistical analysis of the Voynich MS text.

A >> site of Sean Palmer. Additional pages of interest not (yet) linked there are:

The >> web site of Colin McKinnon has a unique collection of documentary evidence related to Wilfrid and Ethel Voynich, and Anne Nill.

An extentensive web site by Jan Hurych with many articles on many topics: >>Entry page, and >>List of articles.

A >>wiki-style web site by a mailing list member know under the nickname Knoxmix, with his anaylses of the Voynich MS text.

Xavier Ceccaldi used to have detailed background information about the Collegium Romanum and the Villa Mondragone. The original site is closed, but I am hosting a complete and unmodified copy of it here, with his permission.

>> Dennis Stallings' site holds a collection of historical precedents of the manuscript and a description of some of his analyses.

Berj Ensanian maintains the >>Journal of Voynich Studies in which he and a handful of other participants analyse a vast number of details directly or indirectly related to the Voynich MS.

>> Takeshi Takahashi's site is certainly one of the largest web resource about the Voynich MS, written in Japanese. This site also has available his complete >> transcription of the VMS.

>>John Grove

>>Vladimir Sazonov

>> John Baez

Some tentative solutions and theories

Gordon Rugg explains his theory that the Voynich MS was made by Edward Kelley using Cardan grilles, as published in Cryptologia, January 2004 (new link needed).

There are two independent attempts to link (among others) the astronomical pages in the Voynich MS to celestial events:
A >>blog by Robert Teague
An >>analysis by P.Han.

A very decorative >>site presenting a tentative solution to the Voynich MS, in French and English.

>>Dan Gibson

>>Don Hoffman

Bibliography and References

References below include both general works about the Voynich MS and publications cited anywhere at this web site.

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>> available on-line

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>> available on-line

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It can be >> downloaded from the NSA (31.2 MB pdf)

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A PDF draft is >>available here.

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For more information and an electronic copy of his paper, see the >> wikipedia article. The MS has been >>edited and published on-line by Jane Kupin.

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The most relevent parts are transcribed here.

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As mentioned among others >>in this page.
The inclusion of any link does not imply that I endorse the opinions stated therein. I specifically wish to distantiate myself from statements about people, institutions, etc. made in some of the personal blogs.


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